Risotto with sausage, kidney beans, chickpeas and peppers

I'm a big fan of making dinner simple, delicious but easy. As I've written before, everything in a pan dinners or all in a sheet pan dinner is a big favorite here in the house. This incredible dinner here, like many other dinners, is incredibly easy to make, as well as not spending more than... Continue Reading →


Pie with spinach filling

I just have to say that I LOVE this recipe here, I've usually just made the filling with feta cheese in the past. And I highly recommend it but that spinach got this recipe here to new heights. Absolutely gorgeus!! Melt serious in your mouth as you eat the amazing spinach filling with the delicious... Continue Reading →

Braised beef casserole with rice

Is there something I love especially now in the fall and towards the winter, is a good casserole. It is so delicious to eat, but also to serve both to family and guests.This is one of my favorite casserole dishes, it doesn't take too long but it is just delicious to eat, the tender steak... Continue Reading →

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