Buns with vanilla cream and coconut

Vanilla cream buns are something I usually bake on weekends, it takes a little longer to bake and wait for the dough itself to be raised. But it's something you can do with the kids, the kids think it's fun to bake, so is an activity you can turn into a family activity on weekends.... Continue Reading →


Stuffed peppers

Filled peppers are probably one of the dishes I love most, I just love to make it and am probably one of the dishes I could eat every day. You can also vary on the ridge types of ingredients you use, but this particular recipe is one of my favorites. This is the way my... Continue Reading →

Horn with feta cheese

Horn with feta cheese is something I remember my mother used to make us when we were young, it's just so incredibly good and I'm glad I can now make it to my kids, with my mother's recipe. I spend about 2 hour on this bakery. You need: Yeast dough: 1 kg/ 2.2 pounds of... Continue Reading →

Rice with beef casserole

Rice is the most important nutrient for half the Earth's population. Three billion people cover fifty percent of their daily calorie intake by eating rice. And like the rest of the world, rice is very popular here in the house as well, my daughter is very fond of rice, she will probably only eat it... Continue Reading →

Raspberry cheesecake

A classic, delicious cheesecake with a base of sweet biscuits, filling with delicious cream cheese and whipped cream, nicely decorated with delicious jelly lid and berries. I spend just over 40min making this cake. (refrigerator (4-6 hours) Bottom: 225 gram/ 7.9 oz sweet oat biscuits 100 gram/ 3.5 oz butter Filling: 1 pack raspberry jelly... Continue Reading →

Pasta “Tagliatelle” with minced meat

Its finally friday, let the weekend begin with good and tasty food. I have gone for something simple and incredibly good. Something that falls very well in taste here at home. It doesn't take long to make and is incredibly flavorful. I spend between 20/25 min on this dish. In this pasta dish you need;... Continue Reading →

Biscuit cake with vanilla

FRIDAY!!! It's finally weekend and today I have made a cake that is all one can dream of eating. It is light, creamy, soft and summery, with delicious berries on it. This cake is so good that you can make it anytime. I use about 20 minutes on this cake, and a few hours in... Continue Reading →

Stone Bread

Today for breakfast we had homemade bread with accessories such as butter, jam, eggs etc. I use about 30min on this bread. The dough is not required to be raised on this recipe. You need; 1 egg 1 tablespoon baking soda 1 tablespoon of salt. 1 deciliter/ 0.4 cup milk 2 deciliter/ 0.8 cup buttermilk... Continue Reading →

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