Baked potato with broccoli and cracked cheese. And slow cooked beef

Beef is something I love to make, in this beef dish here I spend a little longer cooking the meat, but you get the most tender steak, the onion gives a lovely taste. I spend about 1 hour and 30 minutes on this lovely dish here. You need: 500 grams/ 1,1 pound of beef 1... Continue Reading →


Pear and apricot cake

Love this pear and apricot recipe here. It is light and heavenly to eat. You mix the cake batter into a delicious cake batter quite quickly, and it's not a recipe you spend a lot of time on. I spend about 60 minutes on this delicious cake here. You need: Cake Batter: 3 eggs2,3 deciliters... Continue Reading →

Cabbage with beef chunks

Cabbage with beef chunks "Mish me laker" is an Albanian traditional food dish, it is widely used in Kosovo, and this is a recipe for how my grandmother and probably all other grandmothers and mothers in Kosvo make "Mish me laker". In the traditional way, without adding a modern twist to this dish. Some facts... Continue Reading →

Stuffed red peppers with mushrooms

Peppers is something I'm incredibly fond of, no matter the ridge type of bell pepper, it's something I use a lot in my food dishes, everything from sweet to strong bell pepper, gets a thumbs up here in this house. You can do so much with peppers, everything from filling with meat to filling with... Continue Reading →

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