Pepper steak with potatoes, asparagus and pepper sauce

Steak is something my husband and I love on the weekends, there is more of a nice dinner after the kids have gone to bed. A romantic dinner when we want to enjoy ourselves with good food. I spend just over 60 minutes on this dish You need: 4 pieces of beef of beef fillet,... Continue Reading →



Moussaka is a gratinated dish originating from the Middle East, but also typical of Balkan cuisine. The court is best known from Turkey and Greece, but it is widespread in much of the Middle East and in the Balkans. Moussaka consists mainly of eggplant, tomato, lamb, garlic and various herbs. Salad and bread are also... Continue Reading →

Bean Soup

Bean soup is one of my husband's favorite dish. Is one of the dishes I love to make either on a rainy weather day or a gloomy winter day. Or you just make it when you feel like it. When you make my recipe for bean soup you have to calculate that you use about... Continue Reading →

Stuffed peppers

Filled peppers are probably one of the dishes I love most, I just love to make it and am probably one of the dishes I could eat every day. You can also vary on the ridge types of ingredients you use, but this particular recipe is one of my favorites. This is the way my... Continue Reading →

Rice with beef casserole

Rice is the most important nutrient for half the Earth's population. Three billion people cover fifty percent of their daily calorie intake by eating rice. And like the rest of the world, rice is very popular here in the house as well, my daughter is very fond of rice, she will probably only eat it... Continue Reading →

Pasta “Tagliatelle” with minced meat

Its finally friday, let the weekend begin with good and tasty food. I have gone for something simple and incredibly good. Something that falls very well in taste here at home. It doesn't take long to make and is incredibly flavorful. I spend between 20/25 min on this dish. In this pasta dish you need;... Continue Reading →

Stone Bread

Today for breakfast we had homemade bread with accessories such as butter, jam, eggs etc. I use about 30min on this bread. The dough is not required to be raised on this recipe. You need; 1 egg 1 tablespoon baking soda 1 tablespoon of salt. 1 deciliter/ 0.4 cup milk 2 deciliter/ 0.8 cup buttermilk... Continue Reading →

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