Baked potato with broccoli and cracked cheese. And slow cooked beef

Beef is something I love to make, in this beef dish here I spend a little longer cooking the meat, but you get the most tender steak, the onion gives a lovely taste. I spend about 1 hour and 30 minutes on this lovely dish here. You need: 500 grams/ 1,1 pound of beef 1... Continue Reading →


Cabbage with beef chunks

Cabbage with beef chunks "Mish me laker" is an Albanian traditional food dish, it is widely used in Kosovo, and this is a recipe for how my grandmother and probably all other grandmothers and mothers in Kosvo make "Mish me laker". In the traditional way, without adding a modern twist to this dish. Some facts... Continue Reading →

Stuffed red peppers with mushrooms

Peppers is something I'm incredibly fond of, no matter the ridge type of bell pepper, it's something I use a lot in my food dishes, everything from sweet to strong bell pepper, gets a thumbs up here in this house. You can do so much with peppers, everything from filling with meat to filling with... Continue Reading →

Oven Baked Spaghetti with meatballs

Facts:Spaghetti is a type of pasta that is shaped like long, thin, round strips or medium thickness threads (1.8-2.4 mm). Spaghetti is made from water, possibly egg, and durum wheat, but other types of flour are also used. The word spaghetti is Italian and has been used in a large number of other languages ​​as... Continue Reading →

Pizza with chicken fillets and mushrooms

What is the definition of a pizza and where does it originate? This question has created much debate and disagreement among historians. Some emphasize that it was not only Italians who made pizza, but also the Greeks made flat bread with various ingredients in the 700's. Others believe the very first pizza that was documented... Continue Reading →

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