American pancakes

American pancakes are a big favorite here in the house, something we tend to bake every weekend for breakfast, sometimes we make it more often, especially when we want to be a little extra unhealthy This is my way of making american pancakes. We love to have nutella and bananas over the pancakes, but you... Continue Reading →


Pear and apricot cake

Love this pear and apricot recipe here. It is light and heavenly to eat. You mix the cake batter into a delicious cake batter quite quickly, and it's not a recipe you spend a lot of time on. I spend about 60 minutes on this delicious cake here. You need: Cake Batter: 3 eggs2,3 deciliters... Continue Reading →

Nutella buns

Chocolate buns are some of the best I know of, everyone in the family craves chocolate buns, and it's perfect for both everyday and weekend.As it takes a little longer to bake them, I usually bake them on weekends. Facts:Chocolate is made from cocoa, cocoa paste and cocoa butter, which in turn is the result... Continue Reading →

Cinnamon buns

Cinnamon buns are probably one of my favorites for the weekend, especially when they are fresh and come straight out of the oven. Having the icing over is simply heavenly and gives even more flavor. You need: DOUGH: 150 grams/ 5.2 oz of butter5 deciliters/ 2.1 cup of milk50 grams/ 1.7 oz of yeast½ teaspoon... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Brownie

Brownies are a great favorite here in the house, the kids just love it and it's easy to make. You can make it on a Friday or when you have friends visiting or when you just need to make something fast. You can also make it if you are visiting someone or for school activities... Continue Reading →

Buns with vanilla cream and coconut

Vanilla cream buns are something I usually bake on weekends, it takes a little longer to bake and wait for the dough itself to be raised. But it's something you can do with the kids, the kids think it's fun to bake, so is an activity you can turn into a family activity on weekends.... Continue Reading →

Horn with feta cheese

Horn with feta cheese is something I remember my mother used to make us when we were young, it's just so incredibly good and I'm glad I can now make it to my kids, with my mother's recipe. I spend about 2 hour on this bakery. You need: Yeast dough: 1 kg/ 2.2 pounds of... Continue Reading →

Raspberry cheesecake

A classic, delicious cheesecake with a base of sweet biscuits, filling with delicious cream cheese and whipped cream, nicely decorated with delicious jelly lid and berries. I spend just over 40min making this cake. (refrigerator (4-6 hours) Bottom: 225 gram/ 7.9 oz sweet oat biscuits 100 gram/ 3.5 oz butter Filling: 1 pack raspberry jelly... Continue Reading →

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