Homemade airy farm bread

My recipe for homemade farm bread is an airy bread made from just fine wheat flour, cooking oil, yeast, water and salt. Farm bread fits very well next to soups and salads, but is almost unbeatable freshly baked in the evening with some butter and brown cheese on. You spend just over 2,5 hours on... Continue Reading →



Waffles, An absolute hit on weekends, for both the grown-ups and the little ones. Recipe for fantastic good waffle batter. Waffles taste great for any occasion! Homemade waffle batter stays in the refrigerator for at least a week and can be finely frozen and thawed later. Try my delicious waffle recipe, I mean and think... Continue Reading →

Baked pizza with ground beef

Do you want something very simple and delicious for dinner, lunch or even breakfast. Then this is the right recipe for you. Think both adults and children will love this recipe here. You can pick and choose what you want in the filling, which vegetables you have are entirely up to you. This is what... Continue Reading →

Pie with spinach filling

I just have to say that I LOVE this recipe here, I've usually just made the filling with feta cheese in the past. And I highly recommend it but that spinach got this recipe here to new heights. Absolutely gorgeus!! Melt serious in your mouth as you eat the amazing spinach filling with the delicious... Continue Reading →


Undoubtedly, one of the most characteristic and most delicious meals of the month of Ramadan remain pitalkas. I'm showing you a simple, quick way to make them at home. You will adore them! You need: 1 kg/ 2.2 pound flour 4.7 deciliters / 2 cup milk 2.3 deciliters / 1 cup water from feta cheese... Continue Reading →

American pancakes

American pancakes are a big favorite here in the house, something we tend to bake every weekend for breakfast, sometimes we make it more often, especially when we want to be a little extra unhealthy This is my way of making american pancakes. We love to have nutella and bananas over the pancakes, but you... Continue Reading →

Horn with feta cheese

Horn with feta cheese is something I remember my mother used to make us when we were young, it's just so incredibly good and I'm glad I can now make it to my kids, with my mother's recipe. I spend about 2 hour on this bakery. You need: Yeast dough: 1 kg/ 2.2 pounds of... Continue Reading →

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