Salmon with mashed potatoes and asparagus

Salmon has a mild, round and rich taste, with a clean aftertaste. It has a solid orange red meat with white marbling. Salmon is a versatile raw material that has become a part of many different food cultures worldwide. It is suitable for almost all types of spices and cooking methods, both in cold and... Continue Reading →


Chocolate cake with juicy chocolate glaze

Chocolate cake is probably one of my favorite cakes, everything from bottom to the actual glaze is heavenly if its done right. So this is my "go to" recipe for chocolate cake, it's simple, nothing complicated and it's just so unbearably good. And it only gets better the second and third days if it even... Continue Reading →

Taco baguettes

After a long day at work and little time for dinner, I have made taco baguettes. It's very simple and tastes terribly good. You need; 2 Tomato 1 Paprika 400 gram / 14,1 oz Minced meat 2 Spring onion 1 box Corn (200 gram/ 7,0 oz) 300 gram/ 10,5 oz Cheese 25 gram/ 0,88 oz... Continue Reading →

Chicken with gratin potatoes and vegetables

It is finally Monday, new week new opportunities. Chicken is usually a hit at home. Served it with accessories such as gratinated potatoes and wok vegetables. Garlic bread beside and a chicken sauce (not made from the bottom) You need: 1 chicken 2 kg/ 2,2 Pound potato 500 gram/ 17,6 oz vegetables (whatever you want)... Continue Reading →

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