Oven Baked Spaghetti with meatballs

Facts:Spaghetti is a type of pasta that is shaped like long, thin, round strips or medium thickness threads (1.8-2.4 mm). Spaghetti is made from water, possibly egg, and durum wheat, but other types of flour are also used. The word spaghetti is Italian and has been used in a large number of other languages ​​as... Continue Reading →


Nutella buns

Chocolate buns are some of the best I know of, everyone in the family craves chocolate buns, and it's perfect for both everyday and weekend.As it takes a little longer to bake them, I usually bake them on weekends. Facts:Chocolate is made from cocoa, cocoa paste and cocoa butter, which in turn is the result... Continue Reading →

Pizza with chicken fillets and mushrooms

What is the definition of a pizza and where does it originate? This question has created much debate and disagreement among historians. Some emphasize that it was not only Italians who made pizza, but also the Greeks made flat bread with various ingredients in the 700's. Others believe the very first pizza that was documented... Continue Reading →

Cinnamon buns

Cinnamon buns are probably one of my favorites for the weekend, especially when they are fresh and come straight out of the oven. Having the icing over is simply heavenly and gives even more flavor. You need: DOUGH: 150 grams/ 5.2 oz of butter5 deciliters/ 2.1 cup of milk50 grams/ 1.7 oz of yeast½ teaspoon... Continue Reading →


Moussaka is a gratinated dish originating from the Middle East, but also typical of Balkan cuisine. The court is best known from Turkey and Greece, but it is widespread in much of the Middle East and in the Balkans. Moussaka consists mainly of eggplant, tomato, lamb, garlic and various herbs. Salad and bread are also... Continue Reading →

Bean Soup

Bean soup is one of my husband's favorite dish. Is one of the dishes I love to make either on a rainy weather day or a gloomy winter day. Or you just make it when you feel like it. When you make my recipe for bean soup you have to calculate that you use about... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Brownie

Brownies are a great favorite here in the house, the kids just love it and it's easy to make. You can make it on a Friday or when you have friends visiting or when you just need to make something fast. You can also make it if you are visiting someone or for school activities... Continue Reading →

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