Moussaka with a twist

Moussaka is a gratinated dish originating from the Middle East, but also typical of Balkan cuisine. The court is best known from Turkey and Greece, but it is widespread in much of the Middle East and in the Balkans. Moussaka consists mainly of eggplant, tomato, lamb, garlic and various herbs. Salad and bread are also often served as accessories. Mousakka is made in various forms and variations in the different countries and geographical areas where it is widespread.

My recipe for moussaka is with a little twist from the actual original recipe with lamb meat.

You need:
400 grams of minced meat
2 kg of potatoes
3 tomatoes
2 onions / spring onions
half a garlic
2 eggs
4 deciliter of milk
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon of vegeta
1 tablespoon red pepper
2 tsp organo

This is how you do it:

You start by adding a little oil to the frying pan adding the minced meat and the different spices (black pepper, vegeta, red paprika and organo) finely half a garlic, the tomatoes and a spring onion and add to the pan. Turn the heat down, let it fry slowly while peeling and cutting the potatoes into a slice.

Once you have cut the potatoes, then take a mold and lay a layer of potatoes, then take the pan and put everything fine over the potatoes. Then take another layer of potatoes over, crush two eggs in a bowl, add the milk and stir well. Heal it over the potatoes, cut a spring onion finely and set it over for decorations and add a little vegeta, black pepper and organo for a little extra flavor.

Bake in 200 degrees for about 30 minutes completely dispose of how fast the potatoes are finished.

You can have salad and bread as an accessory.

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