Pite an Albanian dinner

“Pite” is Albanian food and it is a dinner dish. It is made of different varieties, but depends on what you like to have inside.

I use about 2 hour on this dish.

Example of fill:
Feta cheese with sour cream
Chopped onion.
Leek with sour cream or feta cheese.
Cabbage with sour cream.
minced meat

350 gram wheat flour
1 teaspoon salt
2 deciliter water (lukewarm)

3 deciliter sour cream
1 egg

Else: Melted butter, or cooking oil.
Flour to roll out

Prepare the filling first:
Feta cheese smashes with a tablespoon, add 3 cups of cream, crush an egg and stir everything.

Now the dough: mix the ingredients together. Leave it covered for a few minutes. (If it is too hard, you must have more water in it, if it is too soft you must have more flour in it.)

When you divide the dough into 14 small “rolls”, each of these “roles” is rolled with some flour to the size of a bowl. Sweep everyone with butter / oil and stack 2 x7 “pancakes” above the others.
Now take a bunch and roll it out to the size of the baking sheet and lay it on the greased baking sheet. Then the fill is distributed.
Do the same with the other stack and cover it with it. Grease the top of the whole with butter / oil. Push it into the preheated oven at 220 ° C. Pite should be cooked to neat, golden brown.
Cover it with a towel after baking for a few minutes and leave it a little so that it becomes slightly softer and not overly weathered.

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