Lamb leg with grated potatoes and vegetables

Family dinners I am a big fan of, I think family dinners are something everyone should do often, you get better communication in the family. It’s cozy and you teach your kids that it’s important to spend time with each other and take the time to enjoy a meal together in the busy everyday life everyone have.

Lamb leg with accessories are an absolute YES to family dinners.

Prepared as follows;

The lamb’s leg I take out of the freezer one evening before (or buy fresh from the meat dish), in the morning I make cuts in the lamb’s thigh, add butter all over, garlic, parsley noodles, salt, black pepper and chives.

Sets the oven at 302 ° Fahrenheit and cooks the lamb 30minutes per kg/pound so that approx.

Turn it up towards the end so that it for color both sides.


Gratinated potatoes;

Divide the potatoes (3kg/ 6.6 pounds potatos) into slices, place them in a boiler, add about 6 deciliter/2.5 cup whipped cream, salt, black pepper and garlic. Allows them to cook until they break, put them in a ovenware and put them in the oven for the last 5 minutes, adding cheese if you want to.


Choose vegetables that you want to have next to, on Sunday I went for small head cabbages and broccoli. I woked them in the pan, added salt, black pepper and some butter.


Cheated a little, I bought the sauce almost ready from the store, just added whipped cream and cooked it up.

Garlic bread next to them how desired.


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