My version of Mac and Cheese

Have you all had a nice Saturday? I really enjoyed myself today, it has been nice weather outside, and I have more or less spend all day outside. So today it was a little late dinner, so i made something my kids love which is also very easy to make

I mad my version of Mac and Cheese.

You need:

Pasta 1egg 300 gram Feta Cheese 3 deciliter Sour Cream 1.5 deciliterCream Cream

And this is the way I make it;

First I cook the pasta while the pasta is boiling.

Then I take a jug and crush 1 egg, take and divide lots of feta cheese, add a whole box of sour cream ( 3 deciliter )and 1.5 decilitercream cream.

Mix this together.

When the pasta cooks, I put this in an oven shape, so I heal what we have mixed together over the pasta and stir well.

Then I put it in the top for about 10 min, putting the oven on 220 degree.

After 10 minutes, I pick it up, stir the pasta over again, put lots of cheese over and put it in the oven again until the cheese melts.

Enjoy the rest of Saturday night, I know I’m going to enjoy myself with a book and a glass of white wine.

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