Biscuits cake “Lume Cake”

FRIDAY!!! It’s finally weekend and today I have made a cake that is all one can dream of eating. It is light, creamy, soft and summery, with delicious berries on it. This cake is so good that you can make it anytime.

I use about 20 minutes on this cake, and a few hours in the fridge.

You need;

400 gram biscuits (I use maria biscuits) 4 deciliter Boil milk 4 tablespoons of oboy 3 tablespoons of sugare 250 gram of coconut 200 gram of coke chocolate.

Crush the biscuits first, the biscuits are softened by the milk the you take the sugare, oboy and the coconut with the biscuits. Melt the coke chocolate (in the micro) mix it with the biscuit.

Put this in a mold, on top make vanilla cream and put a good layer of it on top. You can also cur chocolate pieces that you have on top for decoration. I serve this with berries beside.

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