Taco baguettes

After a long day at work and little time for dinner, I have made taco baguettes. It’s very simple and tastes terribly good.

You need;

2 Tomato 1 Paprika 400 gram Minced meat 2 Spring onion 1 box Corn (200 gram) 300 gram Cheese 25 gram Taco spice Oil, salt and black pepper

This how you do it:

Starting with roasting the meat dough, add a little marol and salt, when it is almost cooked, I add the taco spice so I add cut tomatoes, spring onions, peppers and corn. Allows them to cook for a few more minutes.

Then I divide the baguettes in the middle, fill them with the meat filling, put cheese over and sprinkle with a little organo or parsley leaves.

You can choose what you want the filling to consist of, I usually fill with what my children eat at home.

My kids love dipping taco baguettes in ketchup.

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